National And State

The structure of the league consists of the national office which is located in Benin city , Edo state, a liaison office in Abuja and its branch offices all over the 36 states of the country and FCT. These branches comply with the rules and regulations of the national office. It is the responsibilty of the branch office to only admit ordinary members and recommend any other categories of members to the national office. The branch carries out all function and activities in accordance with the rules and regulation stipulated by the national office


The committees set up by the league operate and carry out all the necessary functions in the branches provided that the members are not less than 15. It is paramount to note that the committee is under the supervision of the branch office at state level.

The major obligation of the members of the league are regular attendance of meeting, prompt payment of dues and participation in all the activities of the league. The dues and fees of the league are being reviewed to meet the current demands of the time

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