SPEECH BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE LEAGUE OF WOMENS VOTERS OF NIGERIA (NILOWV) to commemorate the international women’s day for 2020 held at the Abuja office of the league of Women voters of Nigeria (Nilowv)

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the press,
Another year has rolled by and once again we celebrate the International Day of Women. Celebrating a struggle for women’s rights and gender equality that has been on for ages and generations! The theme for this year’s celebration is I am Generation Equality: realizing Women’s rights. #EachForEqual


The campaign is to draw attention to the difference individuals can make in building a balanced and just world by doing our individual bits to bring about gender equality for as it is said an equal world is an enabled world. The theme seeks to draw attention to the idea that gender inequality is not a women’s issue but an economic one – that gender equality is essential for economies and communities to thrive.
Though complete gender equality may not be achieved in another century, it is important to create this awareness and the Media is a good place and organ to be employed in doing so. We can all make a difference from our various corners especially for those in Government, Board rooms and corporate offices and most especially the media.
In Nigeria the story of gender inequality is very pathetic, it cries to high heaven! Nigeria will be a better country and a stronger economy if and only if it embraces and acknowledges the rights of women and their importance in building a just, free and economic society. As I have always said, Nigeria is currently only seeing with one eye and so it’s blinded in the other. For as long as it sees with only one eye, things can not be right. She needs the second eye, she needs to see with her two eyes and we can all make her do so by playing our individual roles in this campaign. My message this morning is that the problem of gender inequality is no more a Women’s issue but an economic issue and each and every one of us has a role to play in achieving a gender balanced Nigeria that thus becomes an enabled society and an economic giant. I am asking you this morning to partner with us in the League of Women Voters of Nigeria (Nilowv) in our mobilization, education, sensitization and Advocacy efforts and drive to build a better Nigeria with the full and active participation of both men and women, boys and girls. In this regard, we thank ActionAid Nigeria for its partnership with the support of the Canadian Government
The League exists in the 36 States of Nigeria and FCT and where ever you are, you can help us make a difference.
Together we can, yes we can!
May God bless Nigeria. Thank you

Rt Hon Dame Esther Uduehi, PhD
Leagues Of Women Voters in Nigeria

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