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Both the ordinary and life members of the league are entitled to several rights.

The right to vote can be exercised by members during any election both at the branch and national level. Members can also be voted for this means that they can contest for position and will be given the opportunity to represent the league at the branch level

So therefore every member who is a nigerian woman would be entitled to actively participate in any form of election, provided the criteria and regulations of the general assembly bodies are met

the magor obligation of the members of the league are regular attendance of meeting, prompt payment of dues. The dues are currently being reviewed to meet up with the current status of the league.

Members can also due to various reasons lose their rights of membership. Any member found guilty of misconduct shall be expelled from the league or from office by two-third majority votes of the members of the league. A member who holds an office can be expelled if she fails to attend three consecutive meeting of the executive council without satisfactory excuse.

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