Our Aims

The league is committed to attract to herself all females from age 18 years and above so as to enlighten and educate them on their civic rights and duties within the context of our present day Nigeia and beyond

NILOWV is committed to liaising and co-operating with various women organisations within and outside the country as well as co-ordinating meetings and seminars for members.

The league also initiates and stimulates the awareness of women of their various rights and duties in the society.

The league over time has served as a source of mobilisation of individuals and organisations who are committed to the development of our women as well as advocating their rights for equity and fair treatment

Conducting research on issues hindering our women development and establishing links with state and national government to support civic rights of women has been the league's main priority.
In particular the league believes in the voting rights of women and the use of these rights to perfect democracy in Nigeria and improve the leadership of the states and the nation for greater development.

Our Objectives

NILOWV's objective is to promote in all ramification the empowerment of all women as well as accelerate the participation of women in all arms of government, corporate bodies and to stimulate women toward enterprenuerial skill and thrift

NILOWV encourages government , donors, non-governmental organisation and individuals to assist in the growth and development of girls and women as well as creating awareness and educating the public via the media and workshops on the social and economic advantage of educating our female child and their role in national building.

The league promotes and has sustained the growth and progress of girls and women by sensitising policy makers and activating other groups to key into the idea of the empowerment of women and to ensure that policy makers implement favourable laws and policy for women

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