Membership is open to all women in nigeria provided they are above the age of 18. There are several categories of membership as follows:

Ordinary Individual Members
These are full members who are entitled to all rights and privileges and can vote and be voted for and are subject to all obligation of the league.

Asssociate Members
Foreign members who are above 18 can participate in the league meetings but are limited because they are not entitled to the rights and privileges of ordinary members.

visiting members
Members of related association in other countries visiting Nigeria for less than 12 months may be admitted as visiting members but without the rights of the ordinary member.

Corporate members
Women associations may join the league as corportate members.

life members
Ordinary members who render outstanding services may be granted life membership upon the payment of the prescribed fees. A life member shall have the same rights and privileges as an Ordinary member upon fulfilment of all obligations.

Honorary members
Honorary membership shall be freely conferred on individuals who the association wishes to honor.


A member of any category who is of good standing with certificate of attestation from her branch showing that all dues have been paid and obligations performed may transfer her membership to any other branch of the league.

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