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The League of Women Voters of Nigeria (NILOVW), is an all-female organization founded in 1996 by Dr Esther Uduehi following the end of the fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China, in 1995, to help women play a larger role in Government and Public Affairs in Nigeria in consonance with the Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action. It was incorporated in October, 1998 as a Non-Partisan, non-Religious, non-Sectional, non-tribal, non-Sectarian and non-Profit Civic Organization with the aim of Empowering women Voters in particular and Defending Democracy. The League is committed to attract to herself all females from the age of 18years and above to enlighten and educate them on their civic rights and duties within the context of Nigeria and the power of their vote in building a better life and society, not only for the women but also for every Nigerian and the society. The League’s motto is empowering Nigerian women both Politically and Economically for National Development. While the League is an Advocacy/ lobby group, it is also essentially a grassroots project group and the project is to give women voice and power.

The Headquarters of the League is in Benin City, Edo State in the Middle of Nigeria in the South -South Region with a Liaison Office in Abuja, capital city of Nigeria. It has State offices at each headquarter of the 36 states and FCT. The League is managed by the President/Founder assisted by three Vice Presidents and elected National officers. The National Body made up of National Officers and the National Standing Committees work to promote the League’s mission at the national level and to support over 36 States and the Federal Capital Authority and 774 Local Government Area leagues and University and School Committees in their work as well as the Chapters in the Diaspora in the U.K, USA and Europe..
The League operates more through the State chapters and the National Standing Committees. The league has 14 Standing Committees spanning all areas of concern for women from Gender, Rights and Privileges, Education and Research, Healthcare, Environment, Democracy and Election Matters, Entrepreneurship and Empowerment, Youth Development, Finance and Fund Raising, Legislative Advocacy, Welfare and Development, Peace and Good Governance, Publicity, Publications and ICT, Membership and Mobilization and Advocacy.

The League encourages informed and active participation of women in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues and influence public policy through our three point programme of advocacy, education and sensitization. The League constantly arranges informative and enlightenment activities across the country for its members and the general public through Seminars, workshops and Conferences and at times Round tables for the leaders of the League. The League engages Agencies and Governments both National, State and Local levels, the Electoral Commission and the Political Parties, Traditional and community leaders, Employers of Labour, Religious Leaders, the Media and Institutions. We make Press Statements on topical issues in the country and use the Social Media very effectively to mobilize members and sensitize the general public. We work to register voters and provide voters with election information through voters guides as well as candidates forum, dialogue and debates.

Our members are very passionate and committed gender activists who believe in and support our work in all the communities spread through all the 36 States and FCT and the 774 local government areas. The League can boast of having the largest black women NGO especially as the League embodies not just its ordinary members but also the Associates and Affiliate members who have either joined as individuals or brought in all their members as a body or individuals. Our membership include women from diverse backgrounds – market women, teachers, public/civil servants, academia, professional women, industrialists, entrepreneurs, students etc as it realizes that whatever our individual NGOs we all at the end of the day are Voters and together we can all make a difference.
Our membership increases on daily basis but at our last count we have registered over 105,000 ordinary members, and 24 affiliate organizations. Joining the League is a sure way to get involved in your community and play an active role in the affairs of your community and your people and in strengthening Nigeria Democracy. 

The league is committed to diversity which includes all of the similarities and differences among people, gender, ethnicity, race, native or indigenous origin, age, generation, culture, religion, belief system, marital status, parental status, socioeconomic status, appearance, language, personality style, physical appearance, political perspective or affiliation, education, language, work experience or job role function or thinking style as this can only promote success in team work between the varied groups of membership of the League.


1) Gender, Rights and Privileges
2) Education and Research
3) Development and Welfare
4) Advocacy and Mobilization
5) Publications, Publicity and ICT
6) Finance and Fund Raising
7) Entrepreneurship & Empowerment
8) Membership
9) Healthcare
10) Environment
11) Peace and Good Governance
12) Democracy and Election Matters
13) Legislative Advocacy

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