What Makes Us Tick!

League of Women Voters of Nigeria or "THE LEAGUE " for short is a voluntary, non-sectarian, non-profitable association that cannot discriminate against any woman in terms of race, nationality, colour or religion. Nigerian league of women voters (NILOWV) is an Nigerian civic organisation that was formed to help women take a larger role in public affairs.

We do not discriminate. We welcome all groups of women. We provide a platform for all groups of women and shades of opinions. We are non partisan. It is a unique group. The binding force and our strength is our VOTE!

We welcome students, civil servants, teachers, academics, professional women groups, market women, public officers, women entrepreneurs, politicians, women rights groups etc

We seek to promote women and their goals. We want to see more women in elective and appointive positions.

Governing Bodies

The league (NILOWV) has her own governing bodies. There is the general assembly of the association, made up of all financial members in attendance.

The national executive committee is the second governing body in charge of all activities of the association. The national President, national vice-president, third, vice-presidents, the national secretary, national assistaat secretary, national treasurer, national publicity secretary, national financial secretary , national assistant fianacial secretary, national social secretary, national assistant social secretary, national assistant legal adviser,chairmen national standing committees, ex-officio members representing six zones make up this body

The state branch executive committee is responsible for all activities at the state level.This committee is under the supervision of the state committee chairman assisted by the vice-chairman, secretary and the assistant, the treasurer and publicity secretary,the fanacial secretary and three ex-officio members representing the three senetorial district and the local government committees which operate under the guidance of the state branch.

The League Song(1995)

Have you heard that you should vote for our women  -2ce

For they are caring and reliable

They are efficient and accountable

They will help us make nigeria great

So vote for our women

They will never, never let us down

So vote for our women

All my life i will work for women   -2ce

I will speak out boldly

For the right of all women

I will never, never turn my back

To the problem of women

I will never, never turn my back

To the problem of women

Be part of our amazing team!